The seeds of Foreignlocal. were planted during a summer in Spain as the moniker of Kelly Ann Corfield so aptly describes. The experiences and memories of that summer fueled many of Foreignlocal.'s first songs as she continued to write and record her music. However it wasn't until the singer-songwriter's next stint overseas that her musical vision became a reality.


During a year living in South East Asia, she was finally able to write and record the Saigon Tapes - songs she was eager to share with the world. During those two years she gigged in almost every major venue in Ho Chi Minh City where she resided, from the famous YOKO Cafe to the ever expanding Heart of Darkness brewery taprooms. She hosted open mic nights, organized events around town, and generally found her place in a foreign city through music.

Having recently returned to the United States, she is ready to bring her sound back home. Her first gig upon returning being the Grand Opening of the brand new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sacramento, she is diving right back in. 


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